About the company

We are a company specializing in the production of ultra-light and high-strength multilayer composites based on carbon fibre, aramid (Kevlar) and glass with a core material in the form of cork agglomerate. The mission of TC3 is theestablishment of lightweight structures made of natural materials that have a positive impact on the environment. They are one of the best alternatives to concrete, steel and other heavy materials.

Our composites are based on cork agglomerate - a natural, renewable CO2 absorbing material. In TC3, we focus on development of technologies associated with environmental protection and we prove that toxic artificial materials cannot compete with what nature has created.

We obtain cork material from the Portuguese manufacturer - Amorim Group. We have a wide database of research results on the properties of sandwich-structured composites, due to which we can consciously use particular versions of the composite for specific applications.

We cooperate with scientific institutions all over the world creating innovative solutions to fulfil the specific needs of our customers.

Our business is focused on segments:


public transport

special cars

medical sector

maritime industry

green energy

Research and Development



Research and Development

Science and its development, technical and technological progress and the acquisition, creation and use of knowledge for innovation play a key role in our company.

That is why we have decided to create an R&D Department in order to continuously generate various types of innovations. Due to our passion, ideas and creativity, we develop innovative products that we implement with determination around the world.

We are very open to cooperation with the scientific community so that our innovative products are at the highest level.

Stimulation of research and development activity and the need for innovation is supported by the organisational structure of our company. It is flat, loose, with multi-directional information flow and horizontal coordination. The activities of our R&D Department are fully integrated with the company's strategy and the objectives and tasks of all units. We have a process approach to strategic planning in raising funds for research and introducing new products and technologies to the market.

Before introducing a market innovation, we first thoroughly examine the so-called "state-of-the-art”.We then conduct a market analysis in order to understand customer expectations. After receiving answers to our questions, we create a strategy for raising funds for the objectives we set ourselves whichwe apply effectively both nationally and internationally. We work on modern design stands equipped with professional NX Siemens software.

Research and Development

We cooperate with many research and development centres both in Poland and throughout Europe:

  • West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin,
  • University of Cottbus,
  • ŁukasiewiczResearch Network - Industrial Motorization Institute,
  • Military Institute of Armoured and Automotive Technology,
  • Poznan Science and Technology Park



We perform, we create, we implement! If you feel like working with us, don't wait just write or call!

Cooperation process

Cooperation process

The solutions we propose are usually prototype solutions, so we start working on them with making models. We use for this purpose computer modelling with the use of Siemens PLM software, namely NX program groups. We also support ourselves with 3D printing. Due to this, together with the customer we can once again thoroughly analyse the possibilities and requirements of the target product.


Together with the customer we verify the first results of our work. Especially if we are dealing with innovative solutions, it is necessary to present the prototype and collect comments and suggestions for further actions. If necessary, we create further prototypes until full customer satisfaction is achieved.


We perform the order and keep the customer informed about the course of work. In this way we create both repeatable products and prototypes in which we specialize.


Therefinement of the prototype and production method allows to finalize the order. The customer receives the finished product.







We are the team composedof people who translate their passion into innovative technologies. We want to promote the positive evolution of technology towards environmental protection and prove that toxic and artificial materials lose in terms of their parameters with what nature has created. Our functioning on the market is based on partnership and cooperation. The TC3 customers can be sure that we will always try to solve their problems individually. Our advantage is flexibility, experience and competent use of human resources. Prototyping solutions, meetings, conversations and a smile is our way of doing business with a human face, which results in trust, openness and wide cooperation with many entities from different industries.